4 Reasons Your Business Needs an LED Sign

An outside sign is a versatile advertising tool for practically any business. You can use the sign to advertise your seasonal specials, inform customers of changes to your business, or convey your hours of operation around the holidays. When selecting your outside sign, make sure to explore LED signs. Here are a few reasons that an LED sign is a top choice for your business. 

1. You Can Easily Change the Message

Conventional marquee signs require an individual to go outside and manually switch the letters and words that composed that message. Billboards typically need to be periodically changed to ensure that the information is accurate, a process that can be pricey if your company frequently needs a new sign.

When you need to change the message on your LED sign, you can easily do so using software and your computer. Not only can you change the text of your message, but you can change the font, size of the font, color of the font, and how long the words remain on the screen. Having the option to swap your message within minutes makes it simple to target your advertising to your customers. For example, you might alter your message to appeal to attendees of a popular event in your city.

2. LED Signs Have High Visibility

To increase the effectiveness of your advertising, you need to make sure that your prospective customers have a clear view of your message. LED signs combine sharp graphics and bold colors with a light source that is highly visible even during poor weather conditions. The brightness of the LED lights tends to quickly catch the eye, while the vivid colors ensure that your audience has a chance to read your message, even if they are only in close proximity to your sign for a few seconds. 

3. It's Simple to Integrate Personalized Elements

An LED sign lets you create a sign that perfectly complements your business's advertising campaign. Not only can you change your message yourself, but you can have the sign cycle through multiple screens if you want to project multiple messages to your customers. Other elements that you can integrate include the date, weather, and time. You can also add a graphic or logo that your customers identify with your business.

4. Recurring Costs Are Affordable

Once you purchase your LED sign, your recurring costs to keep the sign functioning are low. Other than an occasional cleaning, LED signs require minimal maintenance. Though LED signs do use electricity, they typically require less power than comparable types of signs. 

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