3 Things to Think About When Designing a Logo

Designing the perfect logo for your business is very important. After all, the right logo will help make your business stand out and will help turn it into a household name. Plus, you'll probably be seeing and using your logo a lot, so you'll want to make sure that it's truly something that you love.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don't think about certain things when designing their logos. These are a few things that you'll definitely want to think about before settling on one particular design if you would like to avoid issues later.

1. Does It Look Good in Black and White?

It's true that a good logo often has color. However, you don't want to rely too much on color. Otherwise, your logo might not look good in black and white, and it may have to be in black and white in some situations, such as if you put advertisements in your local newspaper. Your logo doesn't have to be quite as striking in black and white as it is when it's in full color, but it should still be attractive.

2. Does It Resize Well?

You're probably going to be putting your logo on just about everything: your business cards and letterhead, your signage, your advertisements, and more. This means that you'll probably have to resize your logos on a regular basis. If your logo has too-small writing or very complicated designs, it might not do well at smaller sizes. You'll want to keep this in mind and check out your logo at all different sizes; then, don't settle on a design until you come up with one that works well at all different sizes. This will help you ensure that your logo always looks great, no matter what it is printed on.

3. Will It Be Costly?

You might not mind spending money on having a great logo designed, but you should think about future costs as well. A logo that has a lot of colors or detail might cost you more each time that you have it printed on something, and that can greatly increase your costs. Make sure that you choose a logo that will be affordable to use in all of your marketing materials.

As you can see, there are a few different things that you should think about when designing a logo. If you need help with these things, consider working with a logo-design professional, such as one from Premier Signs Inc.