Does Your Subdivision Have Cracked Sidewalks, Damaged Signs, And Bad Street Lights? What To Know

If your neighborhood is starting to look like an eye sore with crooked street and stop signs, blown out street lights, and a cracked sidewalk, it's time to reach out to your neighbors and your homeowners association. Those things don't just look bad, these problems are devaluing your property.

You'll want to talk with the people that live around you, and address these issues with the HOA. If you don't think the HOA would be willing to take action, then get some prices on your own and use this data to create your own presentation. Here are some things to get prices for.

Sidewalk Repair

Get estimates from a local concrete contractor to see what it would cost to have the sidewalks leveled out and to replace all of the sidewalks that are badly damaged. This would allow people to walk, bike, and push strollers around the development without worry. You also wouldn't have to worry about grass and weeks growing between the cracks of the damages. Since you're doing such a large area you may be able to get a discount.

Sign Replacement or Couplers  

Are the signs starting to move and shift around the development, or have some been hit by drivers? Ask the HOA to replace the signs completely or to add sign couplers to the ground to make the signs stand upright again. If you have a lot of problems with people speeding and children in the development, you may want to have additional signs posted to indicate there are children in the area. If you have started a neighborhood watch program, there are signs for that as well.

Street Light Improvements

Not only do you want to see new lightbulbs in all the street lights around the neighborhood, but you should ask that they get long lasting lights that have extensive shining qualities. The more area the lights cover the better, especially if the light is used to cover sidewalks.

You could ask the neighbors if they would be willing to increase their HOA fees for just one year in order to get all of these damages fixed and to get the neighborhood improved. After the one year when everything is completed, you can go back to paying the amount that you were originally paying to maintain the grounds and other things. If you want to see action, you may need to take it yourself.