Constructing A Unique Sign For Your Preschool Foyer

If you run a preschool, you may want to incorporate your children's handiwork into a unique sign to hang in your front foyer. The end result will be appreciated by parents and other visitors while the children who help in its construction will be proud to see the sign when they arrive each day for classes. Here are some guidelines to follow when making a neat handmade sign for your front entryway. 

Prepare The Background

Purchase a roll of white paper to use for the backing for your sign. Roll this out on the floor in one of your classrooms. Have each child attending put on a painting smock so they do not get their clothing colored as they help with their part in the sign making process. Place several foil cake pans on the floor and fill each one with a different colored finger paint. Have each child select two colors they would like added to the white paper. They can dip each hand in a tray of paint in the selected colors and place hand prints on the paper. If you have small classes, each child can take several turns so the entire paper is covered with prints. Another idea is to only place hand prints along the perimeter of the paper.

Take Clear Photographs

Take photographs of each staff member. This can be done as a formal photography setting with plenty of light so you get a crisp, clear exposure. It may be best to use a photographer for this portion of the project if you want flawless photos to place on your custom-made sign. An alternative is to upload the photographs from a digital media source to a photo printing service. Order large prints so the photographs will be seen easily by those who view the sign when it is completed. 

Add Stenciled Labels

Adhere each photograph onto the paper using heavy-duty glue. You may want to glue the photo to a piece of card stock first so it does not curl as it ages. Use large letter stencils to trace each staff member's name onto the paper underneath their photograph. Fill in the stenciled portions using dark-colored paint. If you wish, you can have some of the older children add color to this part of the sign. When this is completed, place the finished sign in a large glass picture frame and hang it in your front foyer so those visiting will be able to appreciate the staff member sign upon entry.

For further assistance, contact a local outlet, such as Signs In One Day.